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Konto Premium

Free Premium VIP
Drop multiplier (the drop coefficient in all puzzles is multiplied by it)x1x2x3
Access to premium puzzles-++
Disabling ads--+-
Site Acceleration-+-
Puzzles will open faster
The maximum possible speed of the entire site due to the complete shutdown of all analytics, statistics and advertising modules

Enjoy the benefits of Premium and VIP access for free. Use bonus codes: FREEVIP2DAY и FREEPREMIUM2DAY

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2021-03-26 09:01


Premium account, can be obtained for Bonus Coins, awarded for adding some puzzles: https://en.grandgames.net/craft/info/bonus_coin It is also available as a prize in some achievements, various contests, promotions, holiday tournaments, etc.


You can get a VIP account for Donate Coin https://en.grandgames.net/craft/info/donate_coin by activating one of the recipes:

You can receive Donate Coin for significant assistance in the development of the site, for example creating video materials for our youtube-channel, etc.

In addition, you can get 5 Donate Coin by making a donation of no less than RUR 5,000 rubles and above on the page: https://en.grandgames.net/donate

If you have premium active, you can convert it to VIP on this page (for a period equal to 10% of the remaining time of its validity).

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