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Należy przesłać dwa zdjęcia 512x512 w formacie PNG, które nieznacznie różnią się od siebie w liczbie miejsc od 5 do 20. Rozmiar każdej strony obszaru, w którym znajduje się odróżnieniu musi być w zakresie od 5 do 150 pikseli. Powierzchnia od 100 do 10000 pikseli. Upewnij się, że program poprawnie rozpoznaje obszary różnic.

Support 3608 Admin
! #393563   2020-02-06 21:50
To create razlegshegosya images it is convenient to use the services or programs on the basis of neural networks that allow to intelligently remove objects from pictures. For example:
Also you can create in any editor, yourself modifying or adding objects in the picture or the picture.

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Support Admin  2020-02-06 22:29 + 2
To erase objects there are still program Inpaint (surcharge):
Perhaps you know of other tools suitable for these purposes, share in the comments.
Tverianka Last login: 2021-09-21 23:54:46 46 Solver Rank  2020-02-06 22:36 + 3
I use photoshop. in it and draw and edit and iiii crazyyou can delete unnecessary labels .., to remove the background...
so many possibilities the program has
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ovawiss Online 743 41 Solver Rank
! #393702   2020-02-07 09:40
And how much time is required for processing? I uploaded the pictures, hit processing, 7 minutes wait - continues to spin. Eventually refused to load.

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Memo Last login: 2021-08-05 15:15:50 45  2020-02-07 09:48 + 3
usually a couple of seconds
olenenok Last login: 2021-09-21 23:50:16 47 Solver Rank  2020-02-07 13:21 + 3
Yes I have quickly processed
ovawiss Online 41 Solver Rank  2020-02-07 14:24 + 3
The second option happened. I think that in the first case was a pair of too small differences (for one of the axes is less than 5 pixels). And I immediately noticed. When altered, it loaded quickly.
olenenok Last login: 2021-09-21 23:50:16 11432 47 Solver Rank
! #396591   2020-02-15 19:16
An example of the recognition of difference program , the picture clearly shows three red differences in green square and window of the house where the differences are not (but the program highlighted the difference the green , which is not visible and does not work, but note it will show as a difference!!!) therefore, it is necessary to clearly distinguish and count all the differences , they should be equal to what you have in mind , in this case I did 3 differences , and the program showed 4.

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_gst6907763 Last login: 2021-09-21 22:04:02 43 Solver Rank  2020-02-15 19:31 + 3
@olenenok, thank you
and here is an example of how the program has not noticed an obvious difference in color
learn from the mistakes of pioneers in the Appendix ignat
olenenok Last login: 2021-09-21 23:50:16 47 Solver Rank  2020-02-15 19:47 + 4
Most importantly why have to watch adds is a fat red circle in a green square and know exactly where he made the difference. Several times I altered this picture is not removed through this window.
_gst6907763 Last login: 2021-09-21 22:04:02 3219 43 Solver Rank
! #401081   2020-02-29 13:50
useful article on how to create the difference image and as correct, without errors to upload the prepared images on the site

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1912Nk 4 4
! #422370   2020-05-07 22:27
Hello, how to save the game? The first time I do such a thing, came to treatment, all turned out, and keep do not know how. Tell me, please. Thank you.

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