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Gra «Russian Quordle»

★ 5.0
Guess 4 words in 9 attempts. Each time a new set of words
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Przyjazny dla urządzeń mobilnych

Zasady «Russian Quordle»

The game is similar to Wordle, but you have to guess not one, but 4 words out of 5 letters at once in 9 attempts. After typing each word, you will be shown if there are any letter matches. Yellow indicates that the letter is in the word, green indicates that it is in the desired position. Gray - there is no letter in the word at all. You can play an infinite number of times and without time limits. With each new attempt, a set of words is randomly generated. The rating counts the total number of winnings for all time.
GingerMartian Online 50 Solver Rank
2023-10-16 17:13
Восторг solnce @GrandGames, спасибо! cvety :)

Polub + 8     2
olenenok 50 Solver Rank  2023-10-16 18:03 + 5
Ух ты abc
GingerMartian 50 Solver Rank  2023-10-16 18:37 + 1
:) ;)
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